Multidisciplinary Sports Hurdle Alpha Pro Ø75mm

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Made with Ø75mm polymer of high quality and density, only manufacturers worldwide. It is a high impact training tool, but very light and with a sport safety unique in the world. Resistant to the most extreme weather inclemencies. Option to ballast it with sand or water internally.

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Designed and manufactured with a polymer of maximum professional performance with quality parameters made exclusively for woner sports solutions.

These tools allow us to perform work with different demands of athletic and technical nature, respecting the anthropometric, physiological and cognitive age of all people. It facilitates the design of tasks to all teachers and professionals who are dedicated to the training and teaching of sports, for its design and manufacture facilitate the generation of sports tasks adapted to all ages and skill levels, respecting absolutely the integrity of the athlete, submitting our designs to a rigorous control of sports safety.

Sports services are conditioned by their physical and geometric positioning, allowing professionals to put into practice training that can be subject to objective assessment.

These tools make it easier for us to work with different levels of sports resolution, learning, teaching, improvement, high performance and sports elite. One of the big differences about the tools that exist in the world of sport, is that these devices are designed for high-impact work in training tasks with the ball.

With the double-lift fences, you can do countless exercises, always conditioned by the number of tools and other available elements.

All these elements will facilitate the design of tasks with established objectives, training with quality and professionalism, as well as the sports facility and the physical space where to carry out training exercises.

According to the sports disciplines that are worked on, it will condition and demand a number of tools and a determined disposition according to the established objective.

This type of tool, in its different models of double or single lift, as well as the asymmetric, can be used by modifying its physical position, and in this way to be able to demand from the athlete another type of athletic resolution.

The possibility of being weighted down by water makes it a heavier element, which can be used in strength training in its different possibilities and sport modalities, also in a more solid tool when exercising work where the ball can impact them more violently.

Their geometric and physical modifications make them tools with very high performance requirements, and the ease of mobility of our designs allow changing physical-technical objectives in the shortest possible time.

Our models and designs allow us to manufacture high impact multidisciplinary sports fences, which are presented with an absolutely versatile support, at the level of positioning as geometry and variable weight, depending on the needs that are pursued in sports work.

The different elements with which we manufacture our tools, allow to make high technology products, thus being able to demand another type of innovative features, as well as their geographical installation depending on the court, pool or stadium where they are used, infers a tactical character.

The different geometric modifications in the designs, allow to demand sports activities of a multilateral nature, eliminating the random factor in sports training. The fact of having this type of technology, allows implementing absolutely objective work systems, facilitating athletes to equalize the levels of effort in technical and cognitive physiological performance, with or without the ball.

Another feature of our multidisciplinary sports tools is that they allow the possibility of measuring and quantifying the quality of work, either by number of exercises, series, repetitions or technical actions. Highlighting the possibility of adapting sports training independently to young children or elite athletes.

Our goal is to ensure that athletes, teachers, coaches and sports trainers are the main defenders of our products.


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Diameter of the Tube
Ø 75mm
3 years
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