Woner Sports is a company that manufactures sports tools, multidisciplinary and ultralight, high impact for work with ball, aimed at sports professionals and sports teaching, with parameters of maximum safety. Optionally they can be ballasted with water increasing their physical weight and their resistance to impact and screenprinted they become a dynamic advertising support for aquatic and terrestrial sports. Having them, can provide sports teachers and professional coaches moremotivantes task designs and technical training with the ball.

1. Background.

The idea arose because we are aware that there is a clear and real demand for what our objective is to respond to the current void in the world of sports culture in terms of content and technical and technological work tools, which will reinforce and help in the training techniques and training of athletes, from sports bases, to the elite, in addition to providing society with a new element to use as support for physical rehabilitation.

We manufacture our products with ultralight materials of the latest generation, recyclable and recycled, using cutting-edge technology combined with mechanical engineering and 21st century techniques. We innovate to generate high quality products, guaranteeing their longevity while preserving their structural design and athletic performance.

We manufacture with criteria of maximum professional demand, eliminating the criteria of programmed obsolescence, our rigor is conditioned by the most demanding professionals. We design and manufacture our products in full collaboration with professionals from each sport discipline, subjecting them to the most demanding tests of possible use and work stress, applying the suitability principle.

2. Needs it covers.

The designs allow enriching the world of sport, which allows progress to be made in planning more advanced works. Having them at all levels and sports disciplines is necessary and essential, but they can also be personalized and sponsable, so they are adapted to the individual needs of each client.

Our products offer professors and professionals from the world of sports new possibilities when it comes to teaching and working, since they can be adapted to different anthropometric and cognitive levels of the athlete, teaching, perfecting a discipline and, of course, high sports performance and the maximum demand of the professional elite. We design multi-sports geometric structures of maximum technical and professional performance, for all types of sports facilities, adapting respectively to surface water sheet, natural grass, synthetic turf, wood, tartan, rubber, etc. The maximum sport versatility and technical and technological adaptation means that we can be at the service of all the world's sport and implement with new added value all sports professionals.

In addition, another strong point of our designs is that they can be used as an element of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in recovery treatments for muscular and joint physical injuries.

Our company's vocation is to supply the educational, professional, advertising, leisure, recreational and family sectors. For this we have tools of excellent quality and optimal sports performance, and what is more important, with a high level of safety and with the maximum guarantee of quality.

3. News of the idea.

It can be said that the first innovation is the creation of a new product with a quality and performance that does not exist in the market. On the other hand, own technology has allowed us to improve our product with respect to competitors in several aspects:

• Multidisciplinary tool

• All types of clients, individuals, clubs, schools, clinics, etc.

• Lightness and robustness compared to other similar products.

• Possibility of ballasting by water.

• They have a long life due to the manufacturing materials.

• Versatility, to be able to enlarge or reduce adding or removing sections.

• Custom design by the client.

• Possibility of sponsorship, which makes it very interesting for companies that want to take advantage of Law 49/2002, of December 23, which regulates sports patronage.