Purchasing process

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Welcome to Woner (Woner Sports Solutions SL), where we offer you a Web specialist in the distribution of high impact training tools, goals and sporting goods.

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Once in the desired store select the product you want to purchase you have to click on "Add to cart".


In this step you will see a new window, where you will find the summary of your cart, with all the selected products as well as your VAT and shipping details.


If you have previously registered, enter your email and password, if you are a new user create your account and fill out the form with the personal information necessary to make the purchase (name, phone number, address ...)


In this step you will have to confirm the shipping address of the order, since you may prefer to receive your products in an address that is not your usual address.


Once correctly identified, we will go to the next step, where you can choose the shipping method you want, in this section you can leave the comment you want in the enabled box.


Finally, it is only necessary to select the payment method (card, transfer or paypal).

After doing all these steps, your order will have been made correctly and will be sent within the stipulated period of time.

Easy return:

You have a defect, you have changed your mind, you have received a product that you have not requested, you can return it using our Easy Return service. Through this service you can return a product quickly and easily. We explain the process step by step.