How to improve the physical condition and tactics of your team?

Published : 2019-04-04 21:26:18
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How to improve the physical condition and tactics of your team?

A classic element in the training of almost all teams for the work of agility and coordination are the Hurdles. Although they can occupy some storage space, their versatility and the wide range of exercises that we can perform with them, make them a very useful acquisition.

With Training Hurdles you can create exercise routines to improve the physical condition and tactics of your team. The fences are essential in any training and the perfect elements to perform exercises with players and goalkeepers.

As the years have gone by, more sophisticated sports materials appear, satisfying the needs of the most demanding athletes. When these new products arise, many others are outdated and become useless, however our fences are that durable and useful sports product that find a place in the sessions prepared by coaches of different disciplines: football, basketball, athletics, handball, etc. . Their functions are endless and that has allowed that even now fences are the protagonists in the classes given in the gyms, toning the muscles is the goal of many people and through the frontal and lateral jump is achieved. In addition to improving agility and coordination, they are often used in training circuits for cardiovascular work.

There is a common factor shared by all athletes' training sessions, and it is to improve and improve the career technique by winning in symmetry, power, reactivity of feet or ankles, and improve the placement of the body segments. This will optimize efforts. The fences play a role in the training focused on improving this issue, the goal is to jump with the knees raised at an angle of 90 degrees and with the trunk upright. In addition, the concentration in a good footprint is very important since it must be taken into account not to make noise when the foot hits the ground. As for the arms, you have to avoid moving them with almost lateral trajectory, as well as carrying them very flexed. With perseverance and good training the athletes will have achieved the objective of achieving maximum displacement in a coordinated manner and with minimum energy expenditure.

And for that in WoneR Sports we have a professional range, made by ourselves, of Training Hurdles made of high density and resistance polymers following parameters that make them unique worldwide.

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