High Impact Hurdles

High impact sports hurdles, designed and manufactured with a polymer of maximum professional performance with quality parameters made exclusively for Woner Sports, the only manufacturers worldwide to use this technology in the manufacture of all our products and we submit our designs to a rigorous sports security control.

According to the sports disciplines that are worked on, it will condition and demand a number of tools and a determined disposition according to the established objective.

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This type of tool, in its different models of double or single lift, as well as the asymmetric, can be used by modifying its physical position and in this way to be able to demand from the athlete another type of athletic resolution. They can also be weighted down by water, turning them into a heavier element, with which they can be used in strength training in their different possibilities and sports modalities.

The different geometrical modifications in the designs, allow to demand sports activities of a multilateral nature, eliminating the random factor in sports training so they allow the possibility of measuring and quantifying the quality of the work, either by number of exercises, series, repetitions or technical actions