Multidisciplinary Sports Tools

Our training tools are manufactured with polymers of maximum professional performance with quality parameters made exclusively for WONER SPORTS and free of programmed obsolescence, we are the only manufacturers worldwide to use this technology in the manufacture of all our products and we submit our designs to a rigorous control of sports safety.

They facilitate the design of tasks to all teachers and professionals who are dedicated to the training and teaching of sports, for its design and manufacturing facilitate generating sports tasks adapted to all ages and skill levels.

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These tools make it easier to work with different levels of sports resolution, learning, teaching, improvement, high performance and sports elite. One of the big differences about the tools that exist in the world of sport, is that these devices are designed for high-impact work in training tasks with the ball.

All our products have the possibility of being ballasted by water, which makes them a heavier element, which can be used in strength training in their different possibilities and sports modalities, also in a more solid tool at the moment of exercise jobs where the ball can impact them more violently.

Due to the characteristics of the materials that we use, they can also be customized at the buyer's request (logos, badges, etc ...) or used as advertising support for the sponsors of a sports club or similar, who take advantage of the sports patronage law. give sports equipment to their sponsored.